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limited time scents

get these limited time scents before they are gone!

Image by Nicolette Meade

velvet amber

Fragrance Notes
T - amber, cocoa, vanilla
M - cedar, sandalwood
B - spices, musk

"Velvet Amber" is an indulgent scent that opens with a rich blend of warm amber, decadent cocoa, and sweet vanilla, creating an inviting top note. The heart unveils the harmonious essence of cedar and sandalwood, while the base notes of spices and musk add a sensual depth, enveloping your space in a luxurious and comforting ambiance reminiscent of soft velvet and captivating warmth.

Image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan

santal dream

Fragrance Notes
T - sandalwood, black cardamom

M - amber, iris, violet
B - musk, vanilla

"Santal Dream" is an enchanting scent that begins with a captivating top note of sandalwood and black cardamom. The middle notes of amber, iris, and violet create a dreamy essence, while the base notes of musk and vanilla provide a soothing and comforting finish, inviting you to experience a tranquil and dream-like atmosphere.

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